The Morgan Family

Monday, April 9, 2012


It seemed like the last few weeks I have rushed home to see what's in the mail already knowing our immigration approval wasn't due to arrive for another few weeks.  The waiting has seemed unbearable! And yet, this waiting is nothing compared to what we may wait for our referral.  The USCIS website states that the I-600A process should take approximately 2.5 months and guess how long it took us?  2.5 months.

I knew it should have come this week and was praying it was today so this waiting didn't continue in this form.  I saw the postman come by the house and before I opened the door I said a little prayer, "please God, let it be in there, I'm so tired of waiting!"  Now, obviously that letter was already in the pile but when I opened up the mailbox and saw that Customs and Immigration letter in there I was so excited!  I called Justin and said WE GOT A LETTER!!

I am so relieved that we are done with that step in the process but all that really means for us is that the next step starts.  That means....more waiting.  Now we wait for a referral.  We wait for them to send us a listing of our little boy when we will finally know his name!  However, with the new requirements in Uganda, the timeline is approximately 12 months.  So once again, we wait.  But the good news is, WE'RE ON THE LIST!!