The Morgan Family

Thursday, December 16, 2010

what happened?

no seriously, where did the time go? last thing i knew i was a few weeks pregnant and now, here we are, 21 weeks pregnant! we now know that it's a boy, Jack Windsor Morgan, that he is tracking as quite a big baby boy, and that being 5 months pregnant leaves you quite the big belly (well, me at least). i can't get over the whole belly thing. it's like up to week 16 i just felt like a chunky monkey but didn't look pregnant (just fat). next thing i know, i'm 18 weeks preggers and have this belly that just showed up over night! now my back bows in from the weight of it and my maternity clothes are...shall we say...snug? how do i still have 4 months to go and i already feel like this? i'm gonna be HUGE!!!

anyway, enough about me, let's talk about Jack!! it was absolutely mind boggling to see him on the ultrasound. if i weren't completely overwhelmed as i laid there and stared at it, i would have been balling. seeing that little guy (who didn't look so little) and all facets of him...his head, his big belly, his long arms and legs, and his...well, you know :) i was instantly in love!! how could this little thing be inside me, growing and developing, and becoming our own! and then, when we left, we immediately began calling him Jack. i couldn't help but think about God, my father. i think about how he has called me by name. and that He has known me since he wove me together in my own mother's womb. He knows my baby Jack because Jack is on loan to us from Him! and he has already called baby Jack by name...even before we did! how amazing is our God?